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Dean G. White, 33º - Valley Secretary

Christopher H. Cronau, 33º - Valley Treasurer

After becoming a Master Mason in a Blue Lodge, you have the opportunity to begin the process of becoming a 32º Mason.  The 29 degrees of the Scottish Rite expand upon the fundamental principles of Freemasonry, emphasizing ethical and moral lessons that remind of our duties to God, family, country and fellow man.


Scottish Rite Bodies have four distinct parts


 the Ineffable degrees amplify the three Symbolic degrees

Lessons based on the Babylonian captivity of the Hebrews

The Spiritual Heart of the Scottish Rite

Lessons from the days of chivalry through the 20th century.


Our degrees are in addition to and are in no way “higher” than those of the Blue Lodge. Scottish Rite work amplifies and elaborates on the lessons of the Craft.


Degrees are performed at annual Fall and Spring Reunions at the Valley of Freeport.  Candidates to the Scottish Rite will attend a reunion to observe the degrees presented.  Not all degrees are presented at each reunion. As you continue your personal growth within the Scottish Rite Bodies, you will have the opportunity to view all degrees.  You may also attend reunions at other Valleys.  




Thomas M. Edler

Most Wise Master

Craig A. Bauling

Thrice Potent Master

Eric E. Miller

Commander in Chief

Randal K. Kryder

Sovereign Prince



You must be a member in good standing in your Blue Lodge and complete a petition.  Your journey may begin prior to any of our stated meetings.

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